Sourcing the Right Way

How does a boutique packaging firm compete with a national or world-wide organization in sourcing product? The answer may surprise you.

We Strive for Partnerships
At Every Link of Supply Chain.

Supply Resources leverages multiple end user’s demand with our manufacturing partners to achieve superior pricing. We strive to be among their best customers so that they have a willingness and desire to work with us. We look for partnerships, focusing on long term relationships.

Your Sourcing Partner

Supply Resources takes the time and rigor out of sourcing for you. We HAVE to buy it right, because that is what we do. As a partner, we offer plenty of benefits.


Our manufacturing partners know that we don’t cut corners. Working with us provides them with a low cost model to get their products to market, while enjoying full truck load deliveries, longer lead times, and less credit risk. That makes us a more valuable customer to work with and offer special savings.


Being creative in sourcing, we can split up your products to separate vendors to better manage cost. Supply Resources knows the market, various manufacturing capabilities, and current capacities. Knowing who runs certain products more efficiently, and how hungry they are for volume, equals excellent leverage.


Our knowledge goes beyond domestic. We have the experience to source internationally if the application is a fit for that option. Lead times are usually a concern for this type of sourcing, which is why Supply Resources inventory management and storage service is so important.


Supply Resources is more than packaging. We often piggy back other products and services onto our infrastructure for our customers. This helps reduce vendor base, purchase orders, deliveries, and associated costs with each. We apply a business model to every problem, which can go far beyond just packaging.

We Prove It

Supply Resources built a one-of-a-kind program with a global tube manufacturer that has grown in complexity year after year. We redesigned their packaging to allow for multiple uses, took over packaging setup and break-down to alleviate extra work for their highly paid production line workers, and integrated into their planning system to know what to deliver daily so that purchasing could focus on raw materials. The saving to their organization reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. See our case study for the full story.

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