A Consultative Approach to Your Packaging and Supply Chain Needs

At Supply Resources, we know there is a better way to do business. We design tailor-made, one-off solutions to solve the pains and non-value added costs of your supply chain, while creating sustainable packaging solutions, and making a difference to your bottom line.

We Work Smarter,
and Harder.

We take the time and energy to evaluate your packaging and supply chain, and offer new ideas that add VALUE. Check out our case studies page to see how.

We’re Different. By Design.

We design custom solutions for packaging and logistics – not a one-size-fits-all model. Controlling costs goes further than a lower material price. It requires a higher level view of total costs and what can be eliminated or improved. Supply Resources can take a birds eye view of your organization, and innovate ways to add value that only a flexible, solutions-minded company can.


Our creative packaging engineering team can create a solution to best fit your application, using a variety of materials. We design options that protect your product, and your image.

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Whether domestic or international, we create a sourcing strategy to fit your packaging needs.

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Your time, space, and inventory dollars are all considered in our distribution philosophy. We will create a custom program that fits your needs.

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Special Services

Supply Resources offers packaging customers a variety of special services that continues to grow as needs arise. This means we are willing to handle any kink in your supply chain, even if it means creating a new service to manage it.

Vendor managed inventory

Let us worry about inventory levels, accuracy, and order replenishment. You have enough to do. Production plan analysis, min/max, or DOS inventory metrics are all within our wheelhouse.

Work cells: onsite at customer location

Managing labor is difficult, and a costly task. We can save you time and remove the inconsistent expenses of your packaging labor costs by handling it for you. Sticking to a labor budget has never been easier.

Contract packaging: on or off-site

When things go wrong, sometimes doing things by hand is the only option. We take the sting out of recovering from things like quality rejections or machine failures. Our temp labor and management staff are fast to react and extremely efficient.


Schedule changes and material lead times are a consistent struggle. We offer fulfillment services to handle Just-In-Time kitting needs that are always evolving.

Equipment investment

Cash on hand is imperative to any organization. We partner with our customers to tackle upfront costs of equipment and help spread out the burden to their cash flow.

Onsite Customer Service

Embedded customer service at your location.

We Prove It

Supply Resources built a one-of-a-kind program with a global tube manufacturer that has grown in complexity year after year. We redesigned their packaging to allow for multiple uses, took over packaging setup and break-down to alleviate extra work for their highly paid production line workers, and integrated into their planning system to know what to deliver daily so that purchasing could focus on raw materials. The saving to their organization reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. See our case study for the full story.

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Strategically Positioned To
Impact Your Bottom Line.

Supply Resources has multiple distribution locations, chosen specifically to support a customer’s need. It’s not about how we can service you from where we are. The question is, where do we need to be?

  • Corporate Office

    554 Craghead Street, Danville, VA, USA

  • Danville, VA Distribution Center

    1746B South Main Street, Danville, VA, USA

  • Lynchburg, VA Distribution Center

    4630 Murray Place, Lynchburg, VA, USA

  • Winchester, VA Distribution Center

    380 Arbor Court, Winchester, VA, USA

  • Southeast Regional Distribution Center

    405 Industrial Blvd., Greenville, NC, USA

  • Northern Indiana Location

    3304 Reedy Drive, Elkhart, IN, USA

  • Wichita, KS Region Location

    1450 S Spencer Rd, Newton, KS, USA

  • Central Illinois Location

    305 N. Chestnut Street, Arcola, IL, USA