When it comes to packaging, there is a wide variety of options and manufacturers available. Supply Resources works with manufacturers of all types of packaging; from paper to plastic, foam to glass. We design the best solution to fit your product.

What Are Your Company’s
Packaging Pain Points?

Whether it be damage in transit, machinery downtime, or just too difficult to convert, we can design a custom alternative to alleviate the headaches. Reducing soft and hard costs from your organization is part of what we do.

We Can Design A Custom Solution

When you ask a box maker how to package an item, the answer will always be a box. Supply Resources designs solutions that work specifically for you - and sometimes that means a combination of materials.


Supply Resources offers consultative design, where we become your packaging engineer. Since we have experience in multiple industries, we can open your lens to other ways of doing things.


Most designing is done in a silo, either from the creative, production, or logistical point of view. Supply Resources sees the entire process and offers comprehensive design that works from beginning to end to be the most efficient and cost effective option.


A beautiful package is useless if it can’t run through a machine or pack-out well on a pallet or truck. Supply Resources takes the burden of packaging R&D off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best - creating your own product.


Supply Resources designs efficient solutions for your company, while maintaining originality and creativity. Sometimes changing the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. We provide fresh eyes and innovative thinking.

We Prove It

Supply Resources built a one-of-a-kind program with a global tube manufacturer that has grown in complexity year after year. We redesigned their packaging to allow for multiple uses, took over packaging setup and break-down to alleviate extra work for their highly paid production line workers, and integrated into their planning system to know what to deliver daily so that purchasing could focus on raw materials. The saving to their organization reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. See our case study for the full story.

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