About Us

It is often difficult to communicate a company's philosophy to outsiders. Usually, it takes time and experience with them to get a feel for how they do business, and what their culture is at its core. Supply Resources has found a way to effectively showcase our philosophy that clearly sets us apart.

Our Philosophy

Supply Resources is often told by customers that they fear “putting all their eggs in one basket” when we discuss consolidating their vendor base. Our response is simple; it depends on the quality of the basket. When they see and experience our way of doing business, it breeds confidence in our brand. We care, and it shows.

How Our New Space
Reflects Our Philosophy

The new Supply Resources headquarters has become a fascination among many visitors from around the world. What began as a need for more office space, has turned into a metaphor for how we approach every aspect of our business. In 2012, Rick identified a historic building in the downtown area that had a rich history, and the bones to be a grand space for the new office. After months of research and planning, work finally began on 554 Craghead Street, the former Piedmont Hardware building. Rick envisioned a space that spoke to our attention to detail, creativity, and above all – quality.

We took our time, and made more thoughtful, long term decisions about each step working with the Department of Historic Resources to renovate the space to historical standards. This was a more expensive approach, but one that was rewarded with tax credits upon completion. Upon entry to the main lobby, you immediately know the philosophy of our brand; patience, pride in our work, a sense of community, and revitalization. We ended up with a space that exceeded all expectations and that over time will be less expensive – not to mention pay for itself in new revenue. That is our philosophy, and we apply it to everything we do.

Supply Resources takes a holistic approach to managing total cost for our clients. We do this by going well beyond selling packaging products - we assist our clients by better managing every aspect of packaging procurement.

-Rick Barker, President & CEO

Our Team

Employees of Supply Resources are veterans of the industry. They have worked with global companies and in manufacturing environments. Having seen the challenges first hand, and knowing how they tick, our team knows how to cut the red tape and make things happen. Getting it right the first time is of the utmost importance. We set the bar high and we intend to reach it.

Rick Barker

President & CEO

Telephone: 434-799-1999

Email: rick@sripackaging.com

Rich Dewey

Equipment Specialist

Telephone: 804-306-9458

Email: rich@sripackaging.com

Bill Martin

Senior Account Manager

Telephone: 540-765-8232

Email: billm@sripackaging.com

Jeffrey Gignac

Business Manager

Telephone: 434-799-1999

Email: jeffrey@sripackaging.com

Alan Gregory

Purchasing and Inventory

Telephone: 434-799-1999

Email: alan@sripackaging.com

Thomas Clark

Customer Support Representative

Telephone: 434-799-1999

Email: thomas@sripackaging.com

Justin Ferrell

On-Site Project Coordinator

Telephone: 434-251-3304

Email: justin@sripackaging.com